Karanui is a place of environmental and cultural significance that needs to be protected and nurtured.

Residents share the role of guardians, or kaitiakitanga, of this special place, ensuring the land is well cared for and respected.

An ethic of custodianship for the environment has also been integrated into the planning and design of the development. Waterways and wetlands have been enhanced and nurtured with extensive native planting, forming part of wider planting programme across the development to create ‘corridors’ that allow birds and plants to ‘migrate’ across the land, bridging back to Pukenui Forest.

Karanui residents’ guardianship will also extend to the precious native species, such as kiwi, who call Pukenui Forest home. The last five years has seen significant effort go in to preparing for the reintroduction of kiwi to the area by the Department of Conservation and local volunteer groups. Karanui residents have a shared responsibility to help this fragile population continue to grow by always keeping pets under control.

By protecting and caring for the environment, Karanui residents will help ensure that not only do kiwi thrive in Pukenui Forest, but that other native bird species flourish as well, including tui and wood pigeon.

Choosing Karanui as your new home will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

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