Shared Spaces

Karanui is unique for its shared spaces that will allow the community to come together and connect.

A key design approach of Karanui has been to create an atmosphere where the roads, reserves and pathways are shared assets that are heavily used for walking, cycling and general recreation.  These public-use amenities provide for visitors as well as residents, who can use the spaces to come together and connect, or to simply make the most the country atmosphere.

This well-established strategy is a successful model adopted from other thoughtfully developed living areas around the world.  The underlying philosophy is for the entire neighbourhood to have a sense of “ownership” for these common areas in a way that minimises the potential for crime and which encourages considerate use by all.

The open spaces also allow everyone to enjoy the qualities of the site – its trees, walls, spacious areas, streamsides and close relationship with Pukenui Forest.  A few steps from the front door sees residents onto generous footpaths, strolling to the Karanui tennis court or ready for an informal game in the central park.

The extensive walkways, cycleways and public carpark also allow for easy access for residents and visitors into the Pukenui Forest or around the entire estate.

Choosing Karanui as your new home will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

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