True Community

Karanui is a community with heart, where people can meet and connect every day.

Karanui residents will enjoy the benefits of living in a real community, enhanced by public amenities and public spaces, as well as design regulations that encourage a sense of openness and togetherness.

The underlying philosophy is for the entire neighbourhood to have a sense of ‘ownership’, in a way that minimises the potential for crime and encourages use of common spaces by all, whether it’s to walk your dog, ride your bike or enjoy informal games with the neighbours.

Emphasis has been placed on developing a connected, nurturing and inclusive community, with Karanui’s design ensuring residents have a real sense of belonging for all cultures, ethnicities and for people at all stages of life. The neighbourhood has public-use spaces, such as a central park and tennis court, and pedestrian and cycleways that weave through the streets and connect back to the Pukenui Forest. The roads are configured to promote low driving speeds, which allow residents to walk or cycle the streets safely.

Design regulations ensure that fences are low, encouraging neighbours to socialise, adding to a sense of inclusiveness.

The commitment to open spaces includes a central communal space as a feature for all to enjoy and share. These spaces are designed to help residents connect with the beautiful natural surrounds of Karanui, including native tree groves, stone walls, streams and the neighbouring Pukenui Forest.

Choosing Karanui as your new home will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

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